The Conceptual Eyes Creative Academy

A 360° approach to strategic thinking

Empowering your team to think differently. Creative and entrepreneurial thinking will add value to your business while inspiring your team to think about strategy from a 360° approach. Join the Conceptual Eyes Creative Academy and experience a hands-on, engaging and practical guide to strategic thinking.

Programmes are developed around the Conceptual Eyes 4C model to increase visual literacy and ensure delegates are equipped to think like a Visual Strategist.

Programmes are designed to discuss current visual and human capital trends. Practical exercises ensure immediate results can be implemented directly into your business.

Programmes offered

Introduction to Creative ThinkingA 360° approach to Strategic Thinking (Flagship)Introduction to Intrapreneurial Thinking Enable Creative Internal Communication
  • Designed for those needing to be more exposed to creativity in their everyday work
  • Ideal for graduates, personal assistants, junior communication managers or events coordinators
  • Increase and expose your team to Conceptual Eyes methodologies
  • Unpack/develop your communication strategy
  • Learn to implement your business strategy
  • Focus on employee engagement
  • Ideal for Marketing and Communication Managers, Team Leaders, Human Resource Teams, Graphic Designers, Executives, Event Mangers and Entrepreneurs
  • Learn to use entrepreneurial thinking within an organisation to increase productivity
  • Ideal for Team Leaders, Executives, Project Managers and large labour forces
  • Empower your organisation to understand the importance of internal communication for leadership, business growth and alignment
  • Enable your teams to implement complex corporate strategy within multiple organisation channels or locations
  • Ideal for large labour forces, regional managers, communication teams, management teams and organisations with complex stakeholder relations.
  • All content is adapted to your business objectives.
  • Templates for delegates included.
  • Key note speakers available on request

Fees : Group discount fees apply Time frames : 1-2 days depending