Internal Communication is key to ensuring the safety and well-being of your people. In high risk work environments clear communication is critical.

A diverse range of literacy levels and nationalities often seen within a large work force can create dangerous communication barriers. Accidents often occur as a result of misunderstood or confusing communication.

Conceptual Eyes works in collaboration with your onsite Health and Safety Practitioners. Together we design creative campaigns aligned with legislation, your internal QHSE policies and company culture. Creative campaigns ensure your strategy and procedures are clearly understood. Protect your people today, tomorrow and for the future through the use of gamification, workshops, video, illustration and training.

Creativity Saves Lives.

Conceptual Eyes QHSE Experience

  1. Communication of the ‘Life of Mine Strategy’
  2. Visualisation of mining supply chain
  3. QHSE annual results
  4. Visualisation of HSE mascots
  5. Onsite Communication Audits
  6. Community Safety awareness initiatives
  7. Safety Process Gamification