Innovation Services

Innovation workshops are fun, high energy events. These can take place in various spaces such as conferences, meetings or online/virtual. These workshops contain elements of business strategy, energy and visual communication. It is a facilitated process, an experience or a packaged event.

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Bespoke Workshops

Custom designed workshops and activations designed to create a unique experience for your delegates/employees. Venue hire and the co-ordination of catering and accommodation on request.

Chatter Box ®


Chatter Box® is a 3D-communication brainstorming process used to generate content and insight from your team around business strategy and objectives.

This interactive process effectively engages employees in an innovative method for data recording and analysis. Chatter Box® encourages right brain thinking and is a platform for communication and collaboration.

Right Brain Booster packages and diagnostics available.

Strategy in Action

Strategy in Action is an intensive high level workshop designed to facilitate scenario and strategy planning.
Through a series of rounds teams debate possible approaches, strategies are challenged with relevant business scenarios and teams encouraged to reach agreement before moving forward.
Strategy in Action is proven to be the fast and effective way to align teams, establishing a clear roadmap to success.
‘No one is better positioned to understand your business challenges and to offer positive solutions than the people working in it. Strategy in Action engages employees by creating a platform to share valuable insights.’

The Open Book Project

The Open Book Project is an opportunity to share and archive business knowledge and best practice.
The Open Book Project is a creative facilitated process which enables discussion, debate and the documentation of knowledge within an organisation. The final product is a visual story which can be accessed by everyone within the organisation.
The content and narrative of The Open Book Project is specified to client briefs. Themes have included but are not limited to:

  • Industry expertise – what makes us leaders?
  • My top 10 tips to new recruits – a legacy management tool allowing senior employees the opportunity to archive their stories, challenges and successes.
  • Reverse mentoring – a transfer of knowledge from the younger generation of employees and an opportunity for idea generation within the organisation.

Chalk and the Ninja

Chalk and the Ninja is a focused change management workshop which can be delivered as an energiser or half/full day session. Teams utilise abstract thinking skills.

True Colours, the Art of Communication

True Colours

True Colours, the Art of Communication is a highly energetic and exciting workshop which involves personality profiling and communication adapting strategies.

Train-the-trainer packages and roadshows available



#Whatsonyourmind is a energiser and opportunity for employees to voice and illustrate their thoughts and ideas. It functions as a good reference point for your brainstorming session.

The Brainwave

The Brainwave is a creative space designed to enhance right brain thinking. We design and facilitate sessions specifically for you or provide you the tools to get on with it yourselves. The Brainwave sets the perfect environment for small groups to get away from the office and focus on strategy and planning.

Pop Up Brainwave – let us create a Brainwave space in your offices or venue. We provide the right brain tools to create a space that is unique, thought provoking and fun.

  • Bed & Breakfast accommodation in the area available on request
  • 10 min drive/taxi from OR Tambo International Airport
  • WIFI
  • Catering