Visual Communication

Visual communication is the creative output which is produced to deliver the message and increase employee engagement. Your message is communicated across different mediums and in various formats creating an internal communication campaign.

Examples include presentation design, illustration, animations, installations, videos and interactive notebooks.

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Infographic / Display information
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Conference participation and content
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Art Projects
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Commission an illustration to communicate your message clearly and effectively. The use of creative symbols will increase engagement and understanding of complex information/processes. Illustrations can be used throughout your internal communication campaign.

Office Installations & Murals

An office installation or mural is installed in a company in order to deliver a core message with high impact. The design becomes a talking point for both employees and visitors. The installation or mural creates an exciting and creative atmosphere within the workplace.

Often an installation is activated through employee participation which also increases engagement.

Interactive Notebooks

Interactive notebooks are pre-designed before a conference, workshop or event. The notebook allows delegates/employees to engage in discussion, encourages note taking and enhances learning. Interactive Notebooks illustrate objectives, strategies and key results.

Through storytelling methodology we turn complex data into simple and engaging content for your organisation.

Content can be converted to playing/flash cards to add value to training and development initiatives, or can serve as a conference take-away/gift.

Digital flipbooks and social media versions are also available.


We design posters to encourage engagement with content and to visually display information through the use of infographics. These posters can be interactive and completed in a workshop space or event – allowing for data collection in a fun and collaborative manner.

Presentation Design

We update traditional business mediums of communication (PowerPoint, Word, Publisher) with high quality design to increase employee engagement through the simplification of content. Ideal for busy executives.

Conference CAPS

Conference CAPS is an installation which turns a company’s message into something which generates high energy, participation and interesting content.

This process can create a fun, team building moment within your conference. Professional photographers can capture these moments and print on site and these photographs can become the conference take-away/gift. Post-conference, the installation can be used as a sculpture/installation in the office.

Additional options can include DIY photo booths, which spark amusement and excitement at events.

Community Colouring

Community colouring or conference colouring is a collaborative process where a large group come together to complete one graphic image. The process stimulates participation, mindfulness and unifies the group.

Community colouring is an excellent CSI initiative allowing companies to give back while promoting the company message.

Art (Creative) Projects

Collaborate with a variety of artists or community programmes focused on arts and craft or skills development. These projects link to community initiatives and the empowerment of artists, artisans or unemployed youth while adding value to corporate events or objectives.